A Solar Water Plc's SWCSP-D is a boiler full of seawater that fire heats up to make steam. It's like a giant kettle sitting on top of a non combustion heat source rather than a coal fire. It doesn't look much like a kettle we would use to make a cup of tea, but it works the same way, producing steam under high pressure. The heat from the fire boils the water in the kettle and turns it into steam. But instead of being captured and used to power a machine, a turbine or a pump or blown off uselessly into the air, the capacious reservoir of steam from a kettle is channeled out as water.

The non combustion heat source is solar energy, Concentrating Solar Power, that has to be efficiently and efficaciously applied (in its entirety) to produce the quantitative interaction and heat with which to boil the rapid inflow of seawater at the rate necessary to generate the massive reservoir of steam and condensation.

The whole process depends on the mechanism by which the "steam engine" works and the spherical hydrologic infrastructure provides this mechanism and puts the steam into circulation and also provides pressures which transport (pumps) water along the pipes to the farmlands and municipalities.