The problem with distilling seawater is that it requires so much energy that it can be used only in small shipboard systems, or in places such as the Middle East where money and fuel are plentiful and fresh water is scarce.

The solution we have come up with is simply to use nature's way of recycling water hydrologically by providing the means and methods with which to do so. Have a look at our Solarwater DesalinationAnimation. HERE

The process involves drawing in seawater miles inland by gravity flow through a sprawling glass enclosed aqueduct system that heat the inflow of water as it journeys along towards the massive desalinators in the form of huge domes situated in the middle of deserts. As seawater flows in, it is gradually distilled and collected in drains by the sides of the aqueducts and seawater that eventually flows into the cauldrons (lakes) inside the giant dômes is boiled to produce dense steam rising to cause precipitation of tropical rainstorm and cascading downfall of fresh water that is drained out and piped by gravity flow through a sprawling system to reservoirs and from these reservoirs to municipal water utilities and everglades of agricultural wetlands. Water is also used to cultivate the thousands hectares of land packed with imported top soils to facilitate reforestation of the desert.

The energy generated to super heat the continuous inflow of water and to create a constant water cycle within the domes is the equivalent of up to 20,000 suns produced by focusing concentrated solar radiation from the phalanx of refractive solar concentrators surrounding the domes onto the glass and super conductive steel frame structure.

SolarwaterPLc desalinators, the first hydro-infrastructure project to be completely carbon neutral, are designed to produce and make available the massive ongoing amount of pure, clean water for municipal, industrial, farming, biotech consumption, and high-tech industries that rely on superclean water for their manufacturing.

Le dessalement reposant sur les combustibles fossiles n’est pas durable.