We must learn to treat deceptively simple H2O for what it really is : the most valuable resource on earth.

We are not in the field of wastewater process technologies, NEWater reclamation, water resource management, we are in the business of massive water generation and production to provide inexhaustible supply of fresh and pure drinking water in an economically sustainable way.

We provide "Restorative Solutions" to a positive climate change-back, effecting climate change in a positive way through application of massive water recovery, generation & reforestation technology by producing inexhaustible supply of water for sustainable livelihood and socioeconomic development so as to improve environmental health and well-being.

Actions have been taken and wheels are already in motion in our effort to arrest further negative climate change (so deep seated in our mindset as to be deemed irreversible) and to promote the idea that people take up the challenge to "evaginate" the climatic process with creative thinking and do things ecologically beneficial hands-on in innovative ways.

When rain falls from clouds, it does not always arrive when and where it is useful to people. But what if we could confine the weather and produce rain whenever and wherever we like? Well, the answer is WE CAN!